Know exactly how to get your first users

Build your launch strategy and leverage online communities with this actionable Notion Dashboard

Get your first users with Userbooster
Luke Tyler

"Thoroughly recommend his dashboard, which helps any startup with action and forward momentum."

Luke Tyler - CEO of

Grow faster with a dashboard of resources

Launching a new startup is super hard.

This dashboard will help you save hours on building your launch strategy and get your first users.

UserBooster - 20+ acquisition channels list
UserBooster - actionnable notion dashboard

Leverage 20+ acquisition channels

UserBooster will guide you on every step of your launch.

For each acquisition channel, you can now get the templated strategy and leverage it to get traction. Without loosing time on research!

Save time using the right curating tools

  • Strategies on how to launch & prioritize

  • 70+ tools to help you build and prepare

  • 40+ curated resources

  • Very detailed tips for leveraging acquisition channels

UserBooster toolkit

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What Other Founders Are Saying

Get your first users with Userbooster

100% worth the price

"Don't miss this one, this is the great notion dashboard for launching your product.
100% worth the price"

Ujjwal Sukheja

Get your first users with Userbooster

A Simple Actionable Roadmap

"Took the plunge on UserBooster. Learning about tools and resources that are new to me. It takes something complex (zero to launch) and translates it into a simple actionable roadmap."

Van Taylor

Get your first users with Userbooster

Best purchase of the year!

"I've found some really great resources in UserBooster that I'm using now.
Best purchase of the year so far!"

Soo Jung Han

LifeTime access to UserBooster


Get illimited access to the Notion Dashboard

  • Lifetime access and updates

  • Learn how to leverage 20+ acquisition channels, including ProductHunt & Twitter

  • Strategies on how to grow and prioritize your actions

Userbooster bundle


Unlimited access to the Notion Dashboard and to a Database of 400+ places where to share your startup and get first users

  • Everything included in the $49 plan

  • Plus access to

  • 80+ Startup directories

  • 110+ Facebook groups tagged by sector

  • 170+ guest post opportunities

  • 50+ Slack/Discord list

  • 40+ Online communities

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