The best Notion templates for startups

Building and running a startup is complex, especially if you’re a bootstrapper without any funding. You need to learn many skills in a concise amount of time. And more importantly, you need to keep an eye on everything while pushing your company. That’s why I’m a big Notion fan. Notion templates are the perfect tool for learning new skills, getting information, and tracking and managing data in real-time.

Notion provides a simple and intuitive way for you to organize your business, manage your ideas, and get things done. By offering the ability to work across computers and mobile devices at the same time, Notion has become an all-in-one solution that brings together our favorite services like Dropbox, Asana, Moqups, and much more into one place so you can stay productive and organized in your upcoming project.

I curated for you the best notion template for startups so that you can build and grow faster!

200+ Startup Resources

200 startup resources notion template

This Notion template is a directory of 200+ tools and resources for every stage of your startup.

Inside this database, you’ll find a ton of super useful tools for design, logo creation, launching, video making, but also management and inspiration, for instance. There are more than 20 categories. Each of them comes with a brief description and the key features. It’s super easy to pick the right one or sort the list to browse the tools.

→ This template is free. You can get it here:

Business Plan Workspace

business plan notion template

This Notion template will help you build an interactive and sharable Business Plan.

We all spent hours writing down a 60 pages business plan for our startup (that almost nobody reads). This time is over, hopefully. With this template, you’ll assess the feasibility of your startup, reduce the risk and build your roadmap for the months ahead. The good news is that it’s easily sharable to investors, stakeholders, and even early startup employees.

→ The price tag is $30, and you can buy it on Gumroad

Enterprise OS

Entreprise Os

This template is the Company management system built with Notion. With this dashboard, you can track, manage and plan all your startup life.

It comes with a main hub that contains everything to manage your project: tasks management, Project Roadmap, Meeting notes, knowledge bank. But you will also be able to put all your marketing plans and strategy and all your Financials data. This template can also be used as your startup wiki and to handle recruitment & Onboarding.

→ It’s a VERY complete Notion template, it comes at $79, and you can get on the Notionise store

Customer Journey Map Dashboard

Customer Journey Map

A Notion template to create, control and track your customer journey. If you’re looking to improve your startup customer’s experience, or if you want to improve your sales funnel, you should have a look at this tool!

You’ll get more than 30 resources to improve your customer journey and some real examples of how you can use the template for your own startup. It will also help you to define your Buyer Persona. As it’s a Notion template and not a regular course, you can include the results of your surveys, analytics, and A/B testing, so you’ll store all your information in one place!

→ The price is $10 only! Get it here

The Startup Fundraising Toolkit

Startup foundrasing template

Raising funds for your startup is always super time-consuming. Dan created this Notion template to help you optimize this time, so you can focus more on growing your startup.

With this template, you’ll get everything you need to prepare your fundraising and manage your contact with the investors, your due diligence, and build your pitch deck.

Dan is a successful startup founder. He raised funding many times, so he knows what he’s talking about! If you want to raise some money from investors and have never done it before, I highly recommend checking it out:

→ You can get it for $49 on Gumroad

Product Discovery System

Product discovery System

Finding a new idea for your next startup is always something tricky. It’s hard because so many parameters need to be handled and estimated. This Notion template gives you a Dashboard where you can work on the different stages of your discovery process.

From Ideation to screening, documentation, and potential customer meetings, you will be guided in all the steps of idea validation. This Notion template also comes with templates and methods to improve your ways of startup validation!

→ The template costs only $15, it’s made by Notionologia

NB: You can get a $75 package that includes access to Notion and a consultancy call to help you adapt the template to your startup.

Task and Project Management System

Task management template for startups

This template will help you to manage your projects and your tasks for your startup. It’s fully customizable to your startup needs or even for yourself as a startup founder.

You’ll find many different views like Kanban, calendars, and timelines to visualize your various projects. It also comes with pre-built dashboards, progress bars, and page templates. If you’re looking to organize your business and don’t want to spend hours setting up your system, you should definitively give it a try!

The configuration of such a tool can be scary, don’t worry. It comes with clear guidelines and instructions that make it super easy!

→ You can get it for $19 on NotionEverything


SEO Compass notion template startups

SEO is one of the most powerful ways to generate traffic for your startup. But it’s hard to learn and also hard to track and plan on a daily basis.

This Notion template will help you with that! It will help you be more productive while writing content and doing the research before the content creation. One of my favorite features of SEO Compass is the content creation tool. Like Yoast, it will check in real-time a lot of factors that will improve your SEO ranking (Number of words, keywords density, keyword in the title, title length, meta description…)

And, it will send you a super simple score to evaluate your post performance and some suggestions to improve it.

If you want to create some evergreen content for your startup, this Notion template is for you!

→ You can find it here for $29 on Gumroad


Userbooster get your first startup users

UserBooster is a notion template that helps startups to get their first users and build their launch strategy.

I created this Notion template to teach startup founders how to leverage 20+ acquisition channels. For each acquisition channel, you’ll get the step-by-step strategy to get more value for your startup.

UserBooster also comes with a list of 70+ tools to help you build and prepare your launch and 40 resources on the strategy

You’ll also find a complete guide to growing your Twitter audience, as well as a list of startup directories.

UserBooster comes with different bundles. With the $99 one, you’ll get lifetime access to the Notion template and a list of 400+ places where you can post your startup! The Ultimate bundle comes with 1400+ email addresses of tech journalists and lifetime access to my private community Marketing4Makers.

→ You can get it for $49 on

We made sure to include templates for all sorts of stages in the startup process, from simple lists to more complex templates. Take some time to look over the various templates, and see which ones will help you do your job better. From there, you’ll be well on your way to finding just the right options for you. It’s a selection that should hold much appeal to startup professionals!

Of course, if you know other Notion templates that could fit in that list, please reach out to me on Twitter. If you built a Notion template for startups, please feel free to contact me as well. I’d be happy to update the list with the best templates available online.

I hope this is helpful and will allow you to focus on your number 1 job: grow your startup faster!

NB: some links are affiliates links

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