15 best startup directories to submit your startup


With so many startups and competition, it can take much work to stand out from the crowd. In this post, we’ll look at 15 of the best startup directories to submit your startup. These directories will help get your business off the ground and win over customers looking for new products or services.

In this article I list the 15 most popular startup directories, but you can find more than 80 of them. I curated them, and 300 others places in a database.

Why should you submit your startup?

  • That’s the easiest way to get your first users. When these directories feature you, you’ll get some exposure (it can be BIG with some of them). That’s easy traffic and eventually some users for your solution!
  • Submitting multiple directories is helping your SEO. It will help your discoverability, and it’s some free backlinks! Many of them allow you to post a link, description, and screenshots of your products.
  • It gives you some credibility and social proof! Having a “#1 Product of the Day” by ProductHunt definitely helps people trust your startup. You should be serious with every launch on these directories to make the most out of it!

Beta List

Beta List is a directory of startups and a community of early adopters. You can submit your startup when it’s still in beta stage. It takes a few weeks to be featured on the homepage and in the newsletter, but when you’re live you definitely see a traffic boost. Super userful to get your first users.


AngelList is AngelList is a place for startups, angel investors, and job-seekers. Not only do they have job boards for every industry imaginable, but they also have syndicates for investors looking to invest in particular areas and a directory of all funded startups. There’s even a section dedicated exclusively to startups actively raising money; called Funding Opportunities. AngelList is great because it’s free and easy to use—sign up with your email address and start getting attention!


Crunchbase is a database of startups, investors, and events. It’s a free resource for finding information about companies, people, and investments. Crunchbase is especially useful for those who want to get the attention of investors or customers because it allows you to link directly to your startup page.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a community of people who love new products. Product Hunt’s mission is to help bring the best new products to the world by enabling a conversation at the intersection of product and user experience. Product Hunt was founded in November 2012 and has since grown into one of the largest communities of early adopters and amateur critics on the web, with over 200,000 active members. There are now thousands of daily submissions, including products, websites, podcasts, and events that are upvoted or downvoted by our global audience. The site itself crowdsources its ranking algorithm: if you upvote something that other people also like, it will rise closer to the top; if you downvote something everyone else thinks is terrible (or vice versa), it will sink further down into oblivion. I wrote a complete guide to help you launch on ProductHunt, check it you if you plan to launch your startup there!


Alternativeto is a community-driven service where you can find the best alternatives to any software, online or offline. Alternativeto is a great place to register your startup as an alternative to your big competitors. It’s even better if you’re playing in a vey crowded market. All the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, and that’s what makes the data super valuable.


Capterra is a directory of software products, including CRM and marketing automation tools. The directory provides a way to compare products in different categories by price, user reviews, functionality, and other factors. Capterra provides information on pricing and licensing (including free trials). It also has integrations with third-party vendors such as Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365.

G2 Crowd

G2 is a B2B software review platform. It provides reviews, ratings, and comparisons of business software. G2 Crowd has over 500,000 user reviews of almost 2,000 products. All the data is crowdsourced to ensure that it’s authentic and accurate. This can be a great place to get feedback on your product if you are considering releasing it publicly or looking for funding


If your startup still needs to be well-known, Crozdesk is a great place to get some exposure and gain feedback from other members. The community on this directory is very active, so it’s likely that someone will find and review your startup. Crozdesk’s mission is to help connect startups with potential customers and investors by providing valuable information about each business. If you want more users for your product, Crozdesk’s free membership can help you get them!


Feedough is a startup directory that highlights the best new startups in your area. To get featured on Feedough, you need to submit an application. The application process takes less than five minutes and only requires you to fill out some basic information about your business. After submitting your application, Feedough uses an algorithm to determine which startups will be featured on its website.

Startups List

Startups List is a great platform that helps you get feedback from the community. It has a very active community, and it also has some features like _ Polls, _ Quizzes, * Discussion boards.


Gartner is a leading provider of research, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. You can register your startup on this directory in a few minutes - there are already more than 50 000 of them! Once registred you’ll receive a detailed product profile, the ability to collect reviews and access to the vendor portal.


MakerPad is a startup directory that allows you to submit your startup in exchange for feedback and exposure. It is a great place to get your first users and customers but also to learn a ton with their community!

The Startup Pitch

The Startup Pitch is the oldest directory of startup. It’s an online collection of hundreds of publicly available startup elevator pitches, each with links to the source documents and presentations. The platform allows users to explore ideas, learn from successful entrepreneurs and expand their own knowledge by accessing real-world case studies while they develop their own business plans.

Startup Stash

Startup Stash is a curated directory of tools and resources for the startup ecosystem. You can list your product here and gain some great exposure and even be featured on there website and newsletter!

Bonus: Reddit

Reddit, a social media platform that allows users to share and vote on content, is a great place to get feedback on your product. Redditors have become experts in sharing their experiences with products and services. They can give honest feedback because they don’t rely on sponsored content or advertisements that would sway their opinion.

Reddit also has an active investor community where you can find potential investors who are willing to help you build your business idea into something worth investing in. The best part about this platform is that it’s free! You need to register for an account and regularly post about your startup idea. Some subreddit even have monthly threads where you can post your startup, you definitely should do it!


These directories will help you get your startup off the ground if you’re starting out. They’re a great place to find early adopters who are willing to give feedback on your product and promote it to their networks. Most importantly, they allow you to connect with investors so that when it comes time for funding or recruiting talent, there will be no surprises in terms of what type of company they’re investing in or working with!

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