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Posted on February 15, 2021  (Last modified on February 27, 2024 )
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Are you an entrepreneur / Indie Hacker looking for maker communities to join? You probably already know the big ones like IndieHackers, ProductHunt, or HackerNews . In this post, I listed smaller communities you possibly don’t know about. Feel free to register there. It will help you get your first users , early adopters, and iterate faster on your startup!

Free communities

1/ Bootstrapped:

It’s a small community of bootstrappers, super friendly. Members make and sell desktop apps, SaaS products, and mobile apps.

2/ MakerLog:

MakerLog is perfect if you want to build in public! It’s a big community of 7000 members. Folks post their daily tasks and grow a network of supportive, like-minded people!

3/ IndieWorldwide:

It’s a community of 1000+ Indiehackers based on Slack, with weekly meetups and 1-to-1 founders meetings as well! I LOVE meeting new IH every week!

4/ Jetpack

It’s a community of entrepreneurs, super focus on growth. You’ll find some SaaS entrepreneurs, Content Creators, Brand Builders, and also some Agency Owners.

5/ Nocodefounders

It’s a community of #nocode founders (obviously), I think it’s the bigger one with almost 7000 members! If you build no-code stuff, you should register there!

6/ WebWide

WebWide is a small community of makers and developers with 2000 members. I love the old school design of it (it’s a forum), super useful, and the people there are super friendly!

7/ PigeonHack

PigeonHack is a community of 600+ makers, they’re really focused on growth and marketing techniques. It’s 100% Slack based.

1/ WIP

WIP is the bigger paid community of makers with 1800+ members. You’ll find in there beginners as well as “makers stars” like levelsio! The concept is the same as makerlog. It’s about sharing publicly what you’re doing to be accountable and get support from others. ($20/m)

2/ MegaMaker

MegaMaker is Slack-based community of 400 members. People there are developers, designers, and product people who love making things online! For now, registration is closed. You need to subscribe to a waiting list.

3/ GrowthClub

GrowthClub is a small communities of 100 members. It’s the only community video-call-based in the maker world. ($49 LifeTimeAccess)

If you want more

If you want to discover more makers communities, chat groups, or even Facebook groups, you can check my Notion template , it’s a list I curated manually where you’ll find 400+ places to promote your startup

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