How to find ideas, and validate them as quickly as possible

Posted on March 24, 2021  (Last modified on February 27, 2024 )
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Finding ideas:

I know this is a recurrent fear of new IndieHackers: How can I find some new ideas?

In fact, opportunities are everywhere! There is plenty of ways to find ideas:

Is the idea worth working on:

There are 4 questions you should ask yourself before starting:

Hard to distribute is a NOGO. You don’t want to build something you can’t sell.

Same for small pains, not recurring ones. You’ll create a “nice-to-have” product. That’s super hard to grow.

Hard to build can give you a competitive advantage. The question is: can you make an MVP in a month or two? If the answer is no, you can either go find a new idea or start to consider moving into a startup mindset (with external funds and hiring)

1st Validation:

Once you find an idea, you need to validate it.

If the calls with the 10 people validated that the pain exists, it’s time to move to the 2nd step!


Build the more lightweight MVP possible. It can be some screenshots, a demo, a super lightweight website (use #nocode!). The only purpose of this MVP should be:

I know your pain, I’m working on a solution to fix it

Be as specific as possible, no BS, no jargon. Use the words of the people you interviewed in your content! I created the perfect list of tools to build an MVP on a budget , check it out!

2nd Validation

Once your MVP is ready, create a pre-order page on Gumroad (way easier to set up than stripe). Then, bring some traffic either with ads or by asking for feedback on a community.

And wait.

If you make a few sales with this super minimalist MVP you can start building something (and you have some extra cash now!). If you don’t make any sales, schedule some new calls, try to get some feedback. It may take a few shots before making it!


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