How to keep the momentum after your ProductHunt launch

Launching on ProductHunt is always super exciting. You get much attention for 24h. If you prepared it properly, you probably ranked high enough to have a massive spike of traffic and collected many emails

But what next? How to keep the momentum for your startup?

Start a newsletter

Your main objective when launching on ProductHunt should be collecting emails (either through signups or a lead magnet). After that launch, you should have hundreds of emails from potentials customers or supporters. Don’t let them perish! An email list needs to be nurtured, or you’ll lose attention.

The best way to do it is by starting a newsletter, try to produce new content every week, and send it to the mailing list. You can curate some exciting content in your niche, curate tools, or share some news. The idea is to keep the contact with your subscribers.

Make a blog post about it!

We all love launch stories. We love to see the metrics, the impact of it, etc.… One easy way to grab some extra attention is by getting all your metrics, feedback, emotions and write it all in a blog post.

Publish it on your blog for your SEO. Then, share this piece of content all over the entrepreneurs’ communities:

  • Indiehackers
  • Reddit
  • Hackernews
  • Twitter,
  • Facebook groups

That’s pretty easy and fun to do, and it can bring you considerable traffic!

Keep the connection with the PH community

ProductHunt is a “launch platform,” but it’s also a community. Don’t forget that. It’s always a good idea to spend some time there, trying to give back to the people who will launch soon. They recently hired some extra people to boost the community part, and the traffic is growing. Don’t underestimate it!

You will also receive comments and upvotes for weeks after your launch. Continue to answer to them and also help users in the community section.

Contact upvoters

Upvoters are either supporters of your product or people interested in your startup. Don’t miss the opportunity to contact them!

List all the people that upvoted your product and send them a thank you message. Don’t spam, of course! But send a nice personalized message, start a conversation, and bring them some value. If they’re ok with it, send them to your newsletter.

PhantomBuster can help you with that:

Ask for directories updates

There are plenty of ProductHunt launches directories or websites that list products launched on PH already. Look for them, especially the ones that already list your competitors, and ask for an update. It’s not super powerful, but it will help your SEO and get some traffic.

Bonus: the PH newsletter

If your launch went well - you have to be ranked in the top 5. Your product will be in the ProductHunt newsletters.

For instance, UserBooster ranked #2 and has been published in both the Daily and the weekly newsletter. Each of them brought me 1000+ visitors!

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