400+ places to post your startup


Launch your startup and get your first users

Did you build a startup or a product and don’t know how to get your first users?

Have you tried starting marketing but don’t know where to promote your startup?

This list will save you dozen hours of research and curation.

  • Start promoting your startup now!

  • Get your first users, build a relevant audience.

  • Drive sales, clients and subscribers.

Join 150+ founders and get your first users

What’s in the list ?

80+ Startup directories

The list of startup directories has been curated by hand and sorted by traffic. Submit your pitch to them to get discovered by potential customers.

200+ online communities

Communities are amazing to get your first feedback. Post your project to all the communities of makers, indie-hackers, or startups founders. Start building a community and promote your idea.

170+ guest posts opportunities

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to boost your traffic, get your first backlinks, and start building your SEO.

Have a sneak peek

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Get the list of 400+ places

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Get the list of 400+ places

Need a playbook?

Do you feel like you need help to post to all these places?

I created a playbook that describes all the steps to leverage these places for your startup.

You’ll get a complete guide on how to use:

  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • ProductHunt
  • HackerNews
  • and much more…

To get the list of 400 places + the Notion playbook:

Get the list AND the playbook