400+ places to post your startup


How I created that list

When I was launching my first startup a few years ago, I didn’t know where to look, so I started to curate the best places to launch my startup and get my first users. I spent 40+ hours curating the best places, and I’m still updating the list as soon as I find a suitable place.

This list was super helpful for me. It allowed me to get hundreds of users and get my first revenue. So I decided to share it!

The list is made with Airtable. It’s super easy to filter and search elements. You can use it for every step of your startup life.

What’s in the list ?

80+ Startup directories

The list of startup directories has been curated by hand and sorted by traffic. Submit your pitch to them to get discovered by potential customers.

200+ online communities

Communities are amazing to get your first feedback. Post your project to all the communities of makers, indie-hackers, or startups founders. Start building a community and promote your idea.

170+ guest posts opportunities

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to boost your traffic, get your first backlinks, and start building your SEO.

Have a sneak peek

Here’s a demo of what you can expect (check the different resources type in the tabs)

Get the list

If you want to get the list, you can either get the list by it self: Get the list only for $49

Or get the bundle with the list and the Notion playbook that detailled all the strategies to leverage every acquisition channels:

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